The right tires make a difference

The right tires make a difference

Tires approved by Mazda offered at Baie-Comeau Mazda helps maintain the optimal performance of your vehicle

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Your Mazda deserves the most reliable parts.This is why, at Baie-Comeau Mazda, our factory trained maintenance technicians only use Mazda original parts when maintaining your vehicle.Preferable to after-sales parts, Mazda original parts are used by our service team, as they are designed and manufactured to maintain the optimal performance of your vehicle.

Make the tires

Inspect your tires every month

Inspect your tires

Each month, you or your Mazda technician must inspect your tires to detect any unequal damage or wear and tear as well as to check their pressure.

The advantages of tire maintenance go beyond flexible and safe driving;It reduces the wear of the parts of the suspension and extend the life of your vehicle.

Plan the inspection
Seller who inspects the wheel of a Mazda vehicle

Permute your tires

Planning a permutation of tires ensures uniform wear of the bearing strip and helps your tires last longer.

Plan a permutation of the tires
A mechanic who changes the tire of a Mazda vehicle

Mazda geometry adjustment

The geometry adjustment is used to put the wheels of a vehicle correctly in relation to each other and compared to the structure of the vehicle.An adjustment of the well -done geometry is essential to the safety and proper functioning of a Mazda vehicle strongly recommends having your vehicle geometry checked by a maintenance technician who knows and understands your vehicle, so that it isAcquitta of this task quickly and properly the first time.

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Plan of a Mazda vehicle chassis

Check the wear of your bearing strip

The tire bearing strip can indicate much more than the number of kilometers you have traveled.The worn tires must be replaced when wear on the bearing strip meets the bearing strip.It is important to regularly inspect your tires and never drive a vehicle with a damaged tire or wheel.Go to your Mazda dealer to take stock of your vehicle and check the wear of your tires to ensure their safety and to maintain the overall performance of your Mazda.

New rolling strip

New rolling strip

Worn tread

Worn tread

Smooth or worn tires can make driving dangerous on Baie-Comeau roads;It is therefore important to regularly check the depth of the tire bearing strip.Taking preventive measures and learning to monitor the depth of the tire bearing strip thanks to Baie-Comeau Mazda can help you avoid changing a punctured tire.

For more information, see the Guarantee Guide on Tires.

Consult the brochure of the Mazda tire center

All season tires

All Mazda vehicles are equipped with original "all seasons" tires.With hardwest rubber compounds than high -performance tires, all seasons tires have a longer tread lifespan and offer larger driving.The deep grooved rolling strips distance rainwater from the tire and the design of the bearing strip offers low resistance to rolling and better energy efficiency.

Winter tires by cold weather

From a temperature of 7°C or less, summer tires and all seasons may no longer offer optimal grip, because their rubber compound can harden, which essentially makes them slide like a hockey washer on theice.This harms braking, steering and responsiveness of driving on dry roads, and in particular on wet, icy or snowy roads.On the other hand, the winter tires approved by Mazda in cold weather were specially designed to operate under these conditions.Winter tires offer better grip in cold weather.They facilitate the maneuvers of your vehicle in all difficult climatic conditions: snow, ice, freezing rain, swaddling, slippery or cold and dry roads.

All season tire
All season tires

Recommended for temperatures above 7°C.

It's all about temperature
Winter tires

Highly recommended for temperatures less than or equal to 7°C.

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